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Under the terms of the Further & Higher Education Act 1992, the most senior body within any further education college is its Governing Body. Croydon College’s Governing Body determines the educational mission of the College, its strategic direction, oversees its financial performance and safeguards its assets. It does this through a committee structure where it meets with the College’s senior management to determine and monitor the College’s performance and planning.

Our Governors are volunteers and often have significant professional, business or community experience, which is called upon to inform the Governing Body’s collective decision-making. Staff and students elect their own Governors. The day-to-day governance business of the College is managed by the Clerk to the Governors, whose autonomy from the management structure of the rest of the College assures his independence.

The links below will offer more information about the College’s Governors, its governance structure and obligations, and how to apply to become a Governor.

For more information on our Governors or becoming a Governor, please contact

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