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Why Croydon College

We will give you every skill you'll need

Not only those skills that you’ll need to get your qualifications, but also those you’ll need for the world of work.

You'll get personalised support

From meetings with your personal tutor, to support with financial issues, we’re here for you, every step of your journey.

We've got amazing facilities

No matter what course you choose, we’ve got everything you’ll need, whether it’s a restaurant, a hair salon, a recording studio or even a radiator to plumb in!

We've got a great range of courses

There’s something for everyone at Croydon College, so you can progress easily and achieve your very best.

Excellent progression to university

Each year, many of our A Level and Level 3 students go on to university, with some getting places at the best universities in the country.

Every opportunity to get involved

Our Learner Involvement team will make sure you’re involved in College life to the full, whether it’s as a course representative or as part of our citizenship work.

Our lecturers are industry experts, as well as being excellent teachers

They know what you really need to do to get your dream job, and will guide you every step of the way.

Great links with employers

Whether it’s for a work placement, or a talk on how to get into a particular field of work, we’ve got the industry contacts to help you start your career.