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Learning Support

We provide an excellent support service to students with learning difficulties or disabilities. This includes regular individual support for those who need it and drop-in support for any student who requests it. Whether it’s help structuring an essay, some tips on spelling or maths, or a specific learning difficulty or disability the Learning Support team is there to help. Students can access specialist services by alerting tutors or teachers before starting their course or throughout their time at the College. We provide a range of support materials available for use by any student, a ‘drop-in’ service and also additional English support for students with English as their second language.

If you are an applicant with a learning difficulty or a disability and have special learning needs, please contact the Learning Support team through the Course Information Centre at 020 8760 5914 before making a formal application. College staff are happy to discuss individual support needs that relate directly to the specific demands and accessibility of an individual’s chosen course - where appropriate, the College will seek specialist advice. Clearly the individual’s views and wishes will be central to this process and an informal visit to the College can be arranged to: 

  • meet staff;

  • discuss support needs;

  • see the layout and accessibility of the buildings; and

  • get advice on how to apply for the Disabled Student Allowance from the Local Education Authority (LEA).