Equality and diversity

Equality is integral to everything we do. We are committed to making Croydon College a place of opportunity where everyone can belong.

Croydon College welcomes and celebrates diversity. We are dedicated to promoting equality of opportunity and to eliminating unlawful discrimination. We are also committed to social cohesion and value the benefits that diversity brings to the College and the wider community. The College is committed to ensuring that learning and teaching are available and accessible to a broad and inclusive range of students (including prospective students).

We will therefore:

  • undertake assessments of individual students' needs;
  • ensure lessons are planned and delivered using differentiated teaching strategies in order to ensure that diverse students' needs are met;
  • identify equality gaps in achievement, retention and success data and take action to address them appropriately.

We constantly evaluate how well we’re doing in implementing our equality strategy. One of the ways we do this is to measure ourselves against a wide range of indicators.

These include:

  • students’ participation in College life;
  • whether members of our community have trust and confidence in each other and in our organisation (such as how we deal with safeguarding, discipline, bullying and harassment, complaints and grievances);
  • analysis of data such as students’ ethnic background, disability, need for learning support, gender;
  • analysis of students’ attendance and retention, improvement against learning objectives, success rates and progression to other education or employment;
  • views of students through student parliament and other representative groups.

To read our Equality Strategy please visit our Policies and Procedures page.

For our Gender Pay Data please visit our Policies and Procedures page.