It's not too late to start this September!

Studying at college gives you more independence and responsibility than at school, this helps you to prepare for University or further training and equips you with the skills needed for the workplace.

There is also plenty of time for part-time work or volunteering whilst you study your course. 

Late Enrolment

We still have a few spaces available on some of our college coursesLate enrolment for college courses will take place between Monday ​11 September and Friday 22 September. During this time you will have the opportunity to come in to the college to apply and enrol, ready to start your course. 

Late enrolment opening hours:

Monday - Friday: 11am - 3pm 


Please read our guidance information and useful checklist below so you know what you will be asked and what information to bring with you when you come in for enrolment.

If you would like any further information on how to enrol or which course would be best for you please contact us on 020 8760 5934 or

We look forward to meeting you soon!