Enrolment Still Open

We still have vacancies on a number of courses.

Come in to see how we can help you.

Opening times are

Monday 24 September

1 – 4

Tuesday 25 September 

1 – 4

Wednesday 26 September

1 – 4

Thursday 27 September

1 – 4

Friday 28 September

1 – 4

 What do you need to bring?

The following documents have information regarding what you will need to bring with you to enrol

16 - 18 What I need to bring with me to enrolment

19+ What I need to bring with me to enrolment

If you would like to contact our Admissions Team you can do so by calling 020 8760 5934 or by emailing

Alternatively feel free to drop in to see us for a chat about how we can best help you. Directions and information on how to get to the college can be found on our 'How to find us' page.