Croydon College Nominated (again) for Apprentice Employer of the Year Award!

13 September 2016

Croydon College is delighted to be shortlisted for Apprentice Employer of the Year Award for the second year in a row at the Croydon Business Excellence Awards. The annual awards will be held at Grand Sapphire, a luxurious new award venue at Imperial way.

As a provider of Apprenticeships we work with over 500 Apprentices and around 300 Employers. We believe the opportunities we offer to apprentices are life changing and offer employer’s huge benefits in productivity, staff retention, skills, ideas, and improvements in motivation.

We are a prolific employer of apprentices in our own right because we value the benefits Apprentices bring to businesses.

The Croydon College experience extends far beyond studies. We look at the development of an apprentice as a whole person; how we can help build confidence, ambition and aspiration for the rest of an apprentice’s life.

We have increased the number of Apprenticeship opportunities in the college year on year. We currently employ 10 Apprentices in our HR Department, Finance, Marketing, Administration, IT and the Apprenticeship Hub, and look to increase this even further in 2016/17. 

All of our apprentices add significant value to the departments they work in and are praised by their prospective managers, offering fresh ideas, a new perspective, an eagerness to learn, and a new motivation to the team. They also give us an opportunity to support the future of our workforce.

CBEA 2016 Logo Finalist

 A word from some of our Apprentices:

Safa Joomun- Croydon College Apprentice- IT Department

Through my initial application for an apprenticeship, Croydon College has supported me throughout by helping me find a placement that’s suited to me and my skills.

Working in the IT department is an enjoyable experience as I am able to work within the different sectors of IT, such as e-learning – designing and creating resources that staff and students will use, networking – configuring server ports and general support – changing printer toners and computers. These activities and jobs have helped me develop a range of abilities that will ultimately give me a more rounded background when applying for jobs in the future.

I have also developed my confidence and this has helped with my customer service skills as I am sometimes at the IT help desk helping staff and students with their queries.

The working environment is great as the staff here are very nice and pleasant to work with, and they’ve helped me a lot with support while I shadow them, since they always explain the specifics of the procedures and jobs we carry out.


Ama Bona Owusu- Croydon College Apprentice- HR Department- Progression to L4 Apprenticeship

I was originally looking for and applying for apprenticeships on the apprenticeship website however I was struggling to find anything as I did not fully understand the correct way of filling out the application form and the process. I received a recommendation to have a look on the Croydon College website as they may be offering some apprenticeships. I sent in my CV to the Apprenticeships team and notified them on the sort of apprenticeship that I was looking for. The support and guidance I received from the team was amazing. For each step up until my job interview, I was guided really well by the skills advisors, given tips and advice for the interview too.

I was lucky enough to get an interview at Croydon College. As it was my first official interview, I wasn’t so sure I would get the job, so I was really surprised when I received the call to be the new Human Resources Apprentice. I love the fact that I’ve learnt so much and still learning on a daily basis in this working environment, everyone around me has so much knowledge and experience that they are more than happy to pass on.

It’s also helping me gain that crucial experience to add to my CV, which is something I believe I would be unlikely to have if I had chosen to go down the path of University.

My assessor is always there whenever I need any questions answering. It is hard as you only see the assessor just for one day per week however you do adapt to being independent and doing everything yourself.

It has now been over a year and a half; I have completed the Level 3 Business and Administration Diploma and working towards gaining a Level 4 Business and Professional Administration Diploma.

I was offered a permanent position as a HR Administrator at the college in April 2016 and also have the chance to complete my Level 4 Diploma. I was something that I wasn’t expecting till after I had finished my second year of apprenticeship, so it was a nice surprise.


Daisie Dobson- Croydon College Apprentice- Admin Department

Croydon College has supported me inwards and outwards throughout my apprenticeship. They have supported me with so much, especially when it comes to college work. If I need to do something in order to complete my coursework for example: How to use office equipment. If I didn’t know how to use a specific piece of office equipment, my team would show me how to use it in order to complete my coursework.

My experience has been amazing from the start to present. Everyone within the college has helped me so much during my time working here and towards my college work. Everyone has been so friendly and helpful especially the Curriculum Administration team as they made me experience so much. For example: I helped out with parents evening, graduations and they have taught me everything that I am doing today. I have gained so much experience in things I didn’t think I would have ever gained such as: Speaking on the telephone. I always used to worry about speaking over the phone but I now have gained enough confidence to overcome that.

Whilst my time working here at Croydon College, I have learnt how to do so many things varying from writing a letter to photocopying loads of documents.  I have also had experience with helping Admissions & Curriculum and Quality.

I have had one to one training from my line manager and I regularly have a catch up session with him in order to let him know how I am doing at college and if there is anything that he can do in order to help me with my college work.

My experience at college on a Wednesday is magnificent, I have a really good assessor and she is very helpful.

Overall my experience doing my apprenticeship at Croydon College has been spectacular and I couldn’t have wished for a better experience. 

To find out more about Apprenticeships at Croydon College please visit our Apprenticeship pages.

Information on tickets for the event can be found here.