Croydon College art students design gates for East Croydon luxury development!

19 April 2017

 Ellie, Peter & Mayor

 (Peter Friend, Ellie New and Mayor Wayne Trakas-Lawlor)


A design for ornamental gates to a new residential development on Cherry Orchard Road, Croydon proved the pick of the bunch for two Croydon College students.


Ellie New and Peter Friend (pictured) were two of more than 20 design students who took up the challenge set by property developer Redrow and regeneration specialist Menta - to design a set of gates for the new residential development, Morello Gate.


The students were asked to create designs based on the development name Morello and Redrow was so impressed with the students' work they decided to change their gates to accommodate one of the designs.


Encouraged by Tom Mower, tutor and Matt Thompson the programme leader two designs were finally picked for students to develop further before the winning design was chosen.


This week winners Ellie and Peter were presented with the prize - divided up so that £700 went to all students to fund a trip with a further two prizes of £200 and £100.


Frances Wadsworth, principal and CEO at Croydon College said: “It’s important for our students to work to real briefs and to engage professionally with industry.  These sorts of experiences are important for developing confidence and employability skills – it’s this broader knowledge that puts our students one step-ahead when starting their careers.


“I’d like to thank both Redrow and Menta, this has been an important learning exercise for our students, and the cash prizes really are the ‘cherry on top’!”


To ensure that winners won on merit, all of the entries were numbered rather than named.


The gates are due to be installed in September.

Photo credit Croydon Guardian - 'Redrow and Menta celebrate Croydon College design talent'