The Association for Citizenship Teaching has awarded Croydon College the first ACT Quality Standard for Further Education

02 August 2017

ACTQualityStandardLogoForCollegesAndFE (3)The Association for Citizenship Teaching has awarded Croydon College the first ACT Quality Standard for Further Education in recognition of its outstanding Citizenship provision.

Croydon College is the first FE institution to be a recipient of the Association for Citizenship Teaching Quality Standard for Further Education

The Quality Standard has been awarded for outstanding citizenship in schools over a number of years but this is now being extended to the Post-16 sector.

This was awarded for the college’s commitment to providing  outstanding citizenship education demonstrated through leadership and management, teaching and learning, staff and student development and enrichment. 

Chris Waller, ACT Professional Officer, when he visited the college commented:

“Croydon College, its staff, students and leadership are to be commended for their foresight in looking at citizenship through the lens of values and then translating this into real experiences, events, trainings and contexts. This is highly desirable in educational establishments but rarely seen. ”

At the next ACT Conference in the 2017-18,  ACT Trustees and ACT's Honorary President The Rt Hon. the Lord Blunkett will present the award to the college to celebrate its achievement.