Alcohol Awareness session marks the end of ‘Being a Healthy Citizen’ month

29 January 2018


As part of Croydon College’s ‘Being a Healthy Citizen’ month, students were visited on Monday 29th January by officers from the Croydon Town Centre Metropolitan Police team, who provided a session on alcohol awareness.



Topics such as drink driving were discussed and those in attendance were informed of the legal drink drive limit as well as other arrestable offences, such as ‘beeing in charge of a vehicle while above the legal limit or unfit through drink.’  Students were invited to participate, including Level 3 Health & Social Care student, Elizabeth Olaleye, who volunteered to be the ‘drunk driver’ in a role play activity. Elizabeth then took a breathalyser test, as the officers explained that a breath test is crucial in determining whether someone is over the legal drink-drive limit and if they should be arrested.


The officers also shared advice on keeping safe while drinking and handed out ‘Spikeys’, a rubber device that can be inserted in to a bottle to help prevent spiking. Students were also informed of the ‘#AskForAngela’ campaign, which was created to help prevent and reduce sexual violence and vulnerability. The scheme allows customers who could be feeling threatened or unsafe on a date to get help by approaching the bar and “Asking for Angela”.


For more information on alcohol awareness, you can visit the following links:

You can protect your drinks and order a ‘Spikey’ on Amazon: