School of Art Digital Workshops with Supra Network

03 April 2019

It’s never easy training to be a ‘creative’ however ​46 students from the School of Art successfully completed a ‘Digital Skills’ day run by London’s own new media trainers  ‘SUPRA’ supported by ‘Facebook’


Level 2 Creative Media students collaborated with Art and Design to design an App, try out CV simulators, reflect in debate on social media and were tested with interactive quizzes.

Delivery was hands on using digital tablets and students were challenged to consider their place in creative industries with an angle on innovation, social marketing and even their own web presence.

What Next? Students in the School of Art and Design are working on a final major project and will apply new ways of working to be exhibited at the Festival of Creativity at Croydon College in June.  

Hayse Delucy, Project Manager for SUPRA wrote: “Your ​School of Art students came up with incredible concepts and implemented creative solutions.“


If this type of project interests you make an application to any creative course at Croydon College where we can discuss courses suitable for your way of creative working.