Policies and Procedures

On this page we share the formal documents that underpin the College’s operations and functions. It provides you with links to the various documents that explain how the College is run – everything from the student agreement to child protection and terms and conditions. Not all of them will be relevant to you, but the page provides a useful resource that you can revisit when you need further information.


Child Protection

Safeguarding Children Young People and Adults at Risk Policy


Communications and IT

Data Protection Policy


Equality and Diversity

Equality Strategy

Respect for All Policy and Student Disciplinary Procedure


Estates and Facilities

Envionmental and Sustainibility Policy



Contract Projects Bidding Management Procedure

Croydon College - ​End of year supply chain fees and charges 2013-14

Croydon College - End of year supply chain fees and charges 2014-15

Croydon College Subcontractors - Funding paid and retained

Croydon College Subcontractors - Funding paid and retained

Croydon College Financial Statement 2016

External Assurance on Subcontracting Controls

Financial Regulations

Fees policy 2017-18

Supply Chain Charges and Fees Policy

Subcontracting Controls Certificate

Terms and Conditions for Croydon College HE students 2017/18


Freedom of Information

Freedom of Information Policy

FOI - Additional Information


Health and Safety

Health and Safety Policy


Human Resources

Recruitment and Selection Procedure

Whistleblowing Policy


Students and Curriculum

Complaints Procedure

Appeals Procedure - University of Sussex courses at UCC

Quality Improvement Strategy

Academic and Assessment Regulations 2017-18_University of Sussex & other relevant programmes