What are cookies?

Cookies are packets of data sent between a user’s web browser (e.g. Firefox or IE) and the server which is hosting the website being visited. There are various types of cookies used for a variety of functions covering:

  • User sessions – Tracking website usage in an anonymous form e.g. Google Analytics
  • Authentication – When logging into a member area on a website
  • User’s preferences – Saving language settings when visiting an international website
  • Shopping cart contents – Storing items in a basket as the user continues shopping

Cookies cannot identify you personally. You can find more information about cookies and learn how to manage them yourself

How we use them

Below are details as to the cookies used in the Croydon College website. If you require any further information, please contact ushere.

First party cookies

These cookies help us to manage your preferences, e.g. text size.

CFIDA random generated numberPersistent (until user deletes it)
CFTOKENA random generated alphanumeric piece of textPersistent (until user deletes it)
FloathideNumeric valueSession Cookie
pixl8-font-sizeAlphanumeric piece of text1 year

The cookies described above provide session functionality that can be used to/for:
  1. Member log in
  2. Page redirect after member logged in
  3. Store member details after logged in
  4. Store forum details
  5. Store event booking details
  6. Store course booking details
  7. Store shopping cart details
  8. Store preside edit mode details
  9. Store blog details
  10. Store JavaScript slide show details.

Third Party Cookies

The cookies in the table below are set by the Google analytics tool for improving service. These allow Croydon College to accurately estimate the number of visitors to the website, volumes of usage and ensure that the website is available and that Croydon College understand what you want to use.
_utmaA randomly generated number (Non personal data)2 years
_utmbA randomly generated number (Non personal data)30 minutes
_utmcA randomly generated number (Non personal data)When you close your browser
_utmzA randomly generated number and information on how the site was reached (e.g. direct or via a link, organic search or paid search)6 months

The cookies in the table below are set by AddThis which allows the CROC visitors to add favourites and share content in the social web, as well as tracking the analytics:
UitA numeric value2 years
locA randomly generated alphanumeric piece of text3 months
dtA text value1 month
diA randomly generated number2 years
UidA randomly generated alphanumeric piece of text2 years
UvcA randomly generated number2 years
PscA numeric value2 years
sshA random generated alphanumeric piece of text2 years
SshsA text value2 years
SscA text value2 years