Bursary form

Data Protection

Before submitting this form please read Croydon College’s Privacy Statement (opens in a new window)

The personal data you have entered on this form will be used for processing your application for a bursary, on the basis of the intended financial agreement between you and us. We will retain your personal data for three years and will disclose it only to third parties involved in providing the funding for the bursary.


You may be able to apply to ​for a 16 – 18 Bursary or 19+ Discretionary Learner Support (DLS) which are designed to help those who face financial hardship. Payments can be used to meet the costs of things like essential course equipment, materials, field trips and travel. Please note that these funds cannot be used to help with the cost of fees or accommodation.

Please complete the form below to make an application:


Learner Declaration

I am making an application for assistance from Bursary or Support Fund and declare that the information I have given is correct with nothing being omitted that would affect my application

I understand that making an application does not guarantee that I will be issued any support funding

I understand that any financial assistance provided is subject to enrolling on a course of study and maintining high levels of attendance, punctuality AND commitment to course work

I understand that any fraudulent behaviour on my behalf may result in any Award being withdrawn and disciplinary action taken

I agree to repay any money paid if I withdraw from the College before the end of a term within which the payment was made

I agree that any specialist equipment, materials or uniform will be returned to the college if I withdraw from the course

I understand and give permission for Croydon College to contact a third party to obtain information to support this application. This may be done without further consultation

I confirm I have read and accept the terms and conditions within this declaration