Student representation: making your voice heard


Under the United Nations Convention of the Rights of the Child, young people have the right to an education, to freedom of expression, and to have their views respected. As a UNICEF Rights Respecting College, we recognise the importance of students making their voice heard in the way the College is run and we are committed to involving you in our decision-making. We want to hear your views and offer you an opportunity to have direct engagement in assessing and shaping your own learning experience.

Giving you a voice helps build your confidence, self-esteem and motivation. Getting involved in the decision-making process will encourage you to develop negotiation and advocacy skills and build your confidence in your abilities.

Students elected to represent the student body develop a sense of individual and collective responsibility and deeper engagement in the decision-making process. Student representatives will gain knowledge and understanding of often-controversial political, environmental, and economic issues. This, in turn, will encourage you to take action on issues of concern and to make a difference to the College, local or wider community.

Meet the current Student Executive Team:

Student Exec