Do you find yourself in the difficult position of wanting to work or to become an apprentice but not feeling you have the enough experience, skills or simply do not know where to start?

Many of us find ourselves in a position where we are eager to start on a new path but we don’t know how to get there. A Traineeship could be exactly the right option for you.

What is a Traineeship?

A traineeship is a training programme that includes work experience. The idea is that you gain employability skills alongside appropriate practical skills.

What would I do as part of my traineeship?

On a Traineeship, you’ll benefit from 2 weeks of employability skills training, covering how to write an application and CV, interview techniques and behaviours in the workplace. After all it is surprising how little we are taught these valuable life skills at school and college.

You will then have a four week work experience placement four days a week, to develop your skills and understanding of the world of work, while studying at College one day a week to improve your English and Maths.

A breakdown of the Traineeship:

  • Employability skills and training
  • Tutoring to improve and achieve your English and Maths Functional skills
  • A high quality work placement


What can a traineeship do for you?

Traineeships are an excellent way of getting the experience skills and knowledge that employers are looking for and will greatly improve your chances of moving on to an Apprenticeship or a full time position.

You will:

  • Learn important employability skills including interview skills and behaviour in the workplace.
  • Achieve English and Maths functional skills certificates
  • Gain lots of relevant experience and workplace skills you can add to your CV
  • Learn about a new industry you really want to work in
  • Increase your chances of getting an interview with an employer
  • Have the opportunity to get a good reference


Is a traineeship right for me?

If you are motivated, enthusiastic and want to start work but lack the skills and experience employers are looking for then a traineeship could be the ideal choice for you.

If you have been unsuccessful when applying for jobs and apprenticeships due to a lack of skills and experience, a traineeship could give you the head start you need.

Will I be paid?

Employers are not required to pay you for taking part in a traineeship but may support you with transport and meal costs. The work placement is a real opportunity to gain valuable work experience and should be seen as a route into paid employment.


As soon as you’re ready to progress to an Apprenticeship, we’ll help you find one that’s right for your chosen career path and offer you the high-quality training that employers are looking for.

Please click here for the latest Traineeships Fact Sheet for Employers.


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