Bursaries and scholarships

The following awards are available to all privately funded international students applying for courses offered at the College:

Bursary Award Eligibility
Entry Bursary £1,000 All international students from countries classified as ‘low/medium’ income by the World Bank
Dean’s Achievement Award £1,500 International students with a high academic standard (equivalent to ABB at A Level)
Principal’s Excellence Scholarship £2,000 International students with an excellent academic standard (equivalent to AAA at A Level)

The Bursary and Dean’s Achievement Award will be automatically retained by the student for each year of study, provided the student proceeds normally to the next level. Students who fail to progress to the next level of study with unsatisfactory academic achievement will not be entitled to retain the bursary. To retain the Principal’s Excellence Scholarship students must continue to perform at first class level – i.e. they must achieve an average mark of at least 70% at the end of each year.

In addition to the above, the Dean of University Centre Croydon may award a ‘Specific Course Bursary’ of up to £1,000 to deserving students from countries classified as ‘low/medium’ income by the World Bank.