Parents and guardians

Croydon College is a really positive stepping stone for your child (or ward) in their journey of life, independence and their future chosen careers. It is different to school: every student will be supported and encouraged to think for themselves, be self-motivated and take responsibility for their own learning – and for their lives in general. All of this will be within a supportive environment and be a very positive step, taken with guidance, towards the independence required both in work and at university.

You can rest assured that at Croydon College we will be with your child every step of the way. Our academic and welfare support network is there to provide students with friendly, expert advice and guidance on any aspect of College life; academic or personal.

We believe that parents and guardians are a key part of the support network and we look forward to working alongside you to ensure the best future for your child. We maintain strong links between parents and the College and welcome your involvement in your child's learning: to us, you’re our partners in getting your child to where they want to be in their studies and future career.

We have answered a few common questions below but as the parent or guardian of a Croydon College student we’ll ensure that there’s someone just a phone call away who can answer any further questions you might have. Contact us.

We are confident that both you and your child will be happy at Croydon College.

Is Croydon College the right place for my child?

At Croydon College, our dedicated teaching staff bring academic and industry skills to their teaching and industry experience that helps inform career choices for students. They’re highly experienced and they really care about their students and their futures. Time and time again, students tell us that their tutors and lecturers have gone far beyond what’s expected of them to assist their learning, to encourage and to help them achieve. Read more about what our students say here.

Our small classes mean that your child will always be an individual, not just another number in a huge, impersonal lecture theatre. They’ll receive the personal attention that makes all the difference to learning.

In its most recent report, Ofsted rated us as Good with ‘Outstanding’ features. Read more about our quality provision here.

As one of the biggest providers of college education in the South East, and the largest provider of university education in a Further Education College in London, we have significant successful experience across a huge range of courses and types of learning. We’re confident that you’ll be impressed with what we have to offer and not disappointed by the way we nurture your child’s talents.

Which course is right for your child?

We suggest you start by looking at the huge range of courses we have on offer in our prospectus [link]. Once your child has chosen their subject area and the way they want to study – vocational, academic, work-based, or a combination - they need to decide which level is right for them.

If you are not sure what advice to give your child, we’ll help. We have hundreds of courses to choose from; we have something to suit everyone, your child included.

How does the application process work?

The next stage is filling in the application form. On this page we set out exactly how the application process works, the timings and when they can expect to know whether they have secured a place here. Details of what exams and which grades your child needs to get on to each course are included in the course information pages.

You are welcome to accompany your child to interview and also to visit the College on Open Days to see for yourself what we’re about. We’re confident that you’ll like what you see!

Is financial help available?

Your child may be able to apply for a Discretionary Learning Grant, which is based on level of need and family income. There is more information on our fees and funding page.

What’s student life like at Croydon?

Your child will be encouraged to participate in all aspects of college life in addition to pursuing their studies. Our Enrichment Programme provides opportunities for students to try new activities, broaden their outlook and acquire new skills – just the type of attributes employers are looking for!

“The college has an extremely strong focus on the very good development of students’ personal and employability skills through its outstanding volunteering initiatives and many other projects, which have a significant impact on the local communities in which the students reside.” Ofsted 2014

How does my child get their views represented at College?

We attach great importance to all students having the opportunity make their voice heard and we provide regular opportunities for them to do this including a well-established Student Parliament. You can read more on our student voice page. In addition the NUS (National Union of Students) represents students at the College.

How does my child know if they are on track with their studies?

Our student tracking systems and tutorial support was particularly highly praised in our recent Ofsted inspection. Students have access to a tracking system that details their attendance, their assignment marks and all the other information relating to their progress.

“Teachers and students make good use of weekly tutorials to update personal learning targets through the very accessible and highly valued progress tracker system.” Ofsted 2014

How do I know if my child is on track with their studies?

The year starts with a Parents Welcome Evening where you meet tutors and managers of the course your child has chosen. Once your child has begun their studies here, our regular parents’ evenings will give you the opportunity to keep up to speed on your child’s progress and discuss how things are going.

Parents/Guardians are always welcome to contact the College if they have any concerns or questions. Contact us.

What if they don’t keep up with their work?

Our student management system is designed to help students who are finding it difficult to meet our expectations. We provide support to ensure students achieve the best that they can but follow up promptly where we see issues with punctuality, classes, homework or behaviour. If informal measures have not been effective and there is a need to move to more formal process, you, as a parent or guardian, would be engaged in each of the stages.

College and beyond

At Croydon College, we know that qualifications aren't an end in themselves. In the long-run, whether your child chooses a vocational or more academic learning route, it's all about employability and having the right skills to succeed at university or in the workplace.

That’s why we put such emphasis on preparing our students for the next step in their lives and recently opened the nationally acclaimed Employability Hub at the heart of the College. There, your child can access help and advice with job applications, CV writing, UCAS university applications, mock interviews and all the other skills they must get under their belts if they are to succeed in today’s highly competitive jobs market.

We also have an excellent Careers Team who are happy to answer questions on a drop-in basis or by appointment.

At Croydon College, we work hard to ensure that your child has the edge over the competition. We want our students to have high aspirations, and to push themselves to be the best that they can be. We’re here to help their ambitions become a reality.

What if my child is unavoidably absent from college?

Please call the absence hotline on 020 8256 4664 as soon as possible before 10am to let us know.

What if they are taken ill during the day?

They should tell their tutor or team leader and you will be informed.

If you have further questions, please contact the College on 020 8686 5700 and we'll be delighted to tell you more.

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