UCC life

To make the most of your time at UCC, you need to know what’s happening on campus. Follow our tips below, and you’ll always be in the know.

Get to know your student reps. Find out who they are and tell them about any issues you want them to raise at student council meetings. They’re also the right people to approach if you want to plan an event. You could even run to become a student rep yourself and have a direct impact on UCC life for you and your fellow students.

Remember to:

  • like the UCC Facebook page and follow us on Twitter;     
  • find out when the next student council meeting is;
  • find out about extracurricular activities;
  • find other UCC students who share your interests, and form societies;
  • arrange social events;
  • suggest trips or events that others may find relevant to their course.

Life as a student in Croydon

University Centre Croydon is in the centre of Croydon town, a thriving 330,000-strong multicultural community with strong African, Caribbean and Asian influences, and links with many other ethnic communities. No wonder it’s known as London’s ‘third city’.

Our central location means the bars, shops, restaurants, leisure and sporting facilities Croydon has to offer are right on your doorstep. Fairfield Halls, South London’s premier arts, culture, entertainment and conference centre, is also just minutes away from the campus.

Croydon is London’s best-connected borough, and transport links are excellent, with Trains, trams and buses  stopping right outside the University Centre. Central London is only a 12-minute train journey away and it takes just 19 minutes to get to Gatwick Airport.

Croydon also has London’s only tram network, transporting over 276 million people each year. The East London Line tube extension links up with West Croydon train station, creating a direct connection to the technology and cultural hubs of Shoreditch and Hoxton.

Accommodation is available for UCC students in Halls of Residence in London.

Shopping, nightlife, bars and pubs

Croydon is one of the UK’s largest commercial centres and has been a focus for shopping in the South East since the 13th century when Surrey Street Market was first established.

The two enclosed shopping centres in Croydon’s large pedestrian shopping area are the Whitgift and Centrale, which, together, boast over 200 stores, including many major retailers. Plus, there’s more shopping on the way – Croydon will soon be home to a £50m Westfield shopping complex.

Croydon’s nightlife is as good as anything on offer in central London and attracts some 20,000 revellers every weekend. Restaurants, brasseries, bistros and cafés offer cuisine from around the world. An evening out wouldn’t be complete without visiting at least one of the town’s range of bars, nightclubs and traditional pubs.

When you’ve taken in as many entertainment, dining and retail opportunities as you can handle and you want to get away from it all, the town also boasts over 300 parks for fresh air and relaxation.

Croydon really does have it all!

Student discounts

One of the great benefits of being a student is the wide range of discounts available both on the high street and online. Below are just some of the companies and organisations that offer discounts, but don’t forget that many local businesses do, too, so look out for signs or even ask if you think they might!


Once you’ve graduated

Although being a student gets you loads of discounts, there are plenty of benefits to being a graduate, too, not least help with getting your career started.

The Employability Hub

Why not visit the College’s Employability Hub where the team can offer you career information and advice. The hub is on the ground floor and it’s open 9.00am – 5.00pm during term time, or you can email the team at


Once you have graduated you become part of an exclusive group of Croydon College/University Centre Croydon's Alumni. Don't forget to keep in touch with us and connect with us on LinkedIn as we love to hear all the amazing things our students go on to achieve.